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Series of workshops researching the moving image / children's film program


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Workshop Leaders Akile Nazli Kaya and Tomáš Doruška

In the Realm of Animated Documentary

This workshop focuses on how documentary and animation can be used and mixed creatively in filmmaking. Tomáš Doruška and A. Nazli Kaya, a duo whose films have been featured in numerous film festivals including Annecy, IDFA and BFI, will share their practice of stop motion animation techniques in a hands-on way.

Participants are encouraged to bring ideas that may include but are not limited to the following themes: migration, social and political justice, culture and environmental issues. Together we will discuss your ideas for mini-shorts (max. 7 shots each) before finally choosing 3 ideas to be realized.

Workshop (presence at all times is obligatory):

Friday, 03.06.2022 16:00-19:00
Saturday, 04.06.2022 11:00-18:00 (lunch included)
Sunday,  05.06.2022 11:00-18:00 (lunch included)

Monday, 06.06.2022 11:00 -18:00  (optional for those who want to finish their film)

3 groups (each group with 3-4 people) - total of 12 people.

Admission fee 25,00€ for materials and lunch

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Gefördert durch das Programm NEUSTART des Bundesverband Soziokultur im Programmteil kulturelle und soziokulturelle Programmarbeit 

Akile Nazli Kaya is an animator, Filmmaker, and designer. Her work has been featured in a number of international festivals, including the Annecy IFF and IDFA. Together with her partner Tomáš Doruška, they have organized multiple workshops on classical animation and its uses in documentary filmmaking.

Tomáš Doruška is an editor, producer and mentor. He directed his debut 35mm movie Radhošť. He has also worked as a co-author on Ebb&Tide (2010) and Enclosure (2011), as well as an editor on How Big Is the Galaxy? (2018), which premiered at IDFA. Tomáš teaches at various film academies including FAMU Prague.

Director Florence Miailhe Germany/France 2021

84 Min., OV with English subs

The Crossing - The Story of an Escape

The siblings Kyona and Adriel live in a small village. One night, the village is attacked and the family is forced to flee. When Kyona and Adriel are separated from their parents during a train inspection, they have to continue their way alone. Thus begins a long journey. The two make new friends, but the war and their own history always catches up with them. Gradually they grow up. Will they be able to see their family again and find a new home in a foreign land?

Inspired by her great-grandparents' flight from Odessa, the French animation artist Florence Miailhe worked for more than 10 years on The Crossing. After initial sketches, she painted the complete film on a cash register roll, before defining each scene. In intensive detail, the international animation team painted the film frame by frame. From around 120,000 individual images on a three-storey glass table, the world's first full-length animated feature film using this elaborate oil-on-glass technique was created.

Sinema Transtopia is showing the film in conjunction with the Anima-Doc workshop In the Realm of Animated Documentary by Akile Nazli Kaya and Tomáš Doruška.

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