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Online Event
Online Event

Followed by a talk with Kornelia Binicewicz


In this sound lecture we will shed some light on the life and musical career of Esmeray, one of the most interesting and appealing Turkish female singers. While Esmeray has been recognized by an older generation in Turkey she is mostly unknown to an international crowd. Although the Afro-Turkish artist is remembered mainly for her 1977 hit “Gel Tezkere Gel”, her whole musical heritage and cultural background highlight many levels of Turkish cultural legacy. The sound lecture will be a quest to present Esmeray’s music, cultural identity and her impact on contemporary Turkish society.

Kornelia Binicewicz is a Polish record collector, curator, DJ, and founder of Ladies on Records, a multifaceted endeavour focused on the musical legacy of women all over the world, presenting female music from the past decades.Her passion for female music brought her to Turkey where she started to explore the undiscovered world of Turkish female music scene. She curated “Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1973 - 1988” (Epic Istanbul) compilation and “Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu” compilation (Uzelli), both released on vinyl. Kornelia is currently working on a special project dedicated to female singers from Turkey from one of the Turkish label’s back catalogues.