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Followed by a talk with Bernd Lützeler

Centre of the Universe
First famous for its Wall, then for Techno, then for its club scene - Berlin has become the dream destination for global artistic migration. As a film lab run by filmmakers and artists, LaborBerlin itself is part of this phenomenon. Is it the economic and logistic conditions, or the liberal climate in the city what encourages creative minds from all over the world to come here? Is Berlin a foundation and basis, or rather a stepping stone for a career elsewhere? Berlin’s city marketing pitches the city as the place for creative people to flock to thanks to relatively low rents and dynamic energy. But what do artists and filmmakers have to say about this? Does Berlin work for them as a source of inspiration, ideas or stories for their creative work? Or have they shifted their focus beyond the borders of the city anyway? What role does LaborBerlin play in this? Bernd Lützeler invites colleagues from LaborBerlin to the Center of the Universe to show their films and discuss their relationship with the city.
The guests and their films:
Melissa Dullius von Distruktur - Muito Romantico (2016, HD, excerpt)
Sophie Watzlawick - Les Noctambules (2002, 16mm)
Mathieu Brohan - P.R (2019, HD)
Deborah S. Phillips - Fontanestr. (2006, Super-8 Performance)
Tess Motherway - Things Men Have Said To Me This Year (2017, Performance)
Melina Pafundi - ||Aes |Omi Sau !Khais (2019, HD, Trailer)

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Bernd Lützeler lives and works as an artist and filmmaker between Berlin and Mumbai. With his films, installations and expanded cinema works he explores techniques of moving image production and presentation in relation to film aesthetics and perception. Another major influence on his work is popular Indian culture, often juxtaposed against the dystopian backdrop of a contemporary urban India. Bernd's works have been shown at venues and festivals worldwide, including Centre Pompidou, Berlin International Film Festival, Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival and Views from the Avant-Garde to name just a few.