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OV with English subs

Eccentric* circles

Film screening with a performance by Ilker Abay and François Régis, moderated by Nora Molitor

Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst und das ist…

Der Maler im Wedding (Hans-Hendrik Grimmling)
Laurence Favre, Germany 2020, 5 Min., Super 8, OV

Portrait of Pauli, tattooing session
Ludovic DeOliveira, Germany 2020, 3 Min., Super 8, OV

Around LoBe (Dave von der Heyden)
Bea McDonald, Germany 2020, 3 Min., Super 8, OV

Werkstätten (KFZ-Gutachterbüro Ali Mroué)
Nora Molitor, Germany 2020, 3 Min., Super 8, OV

Der Kiezkönig (Frankie)
Misha Bours, Germany 2020, 3 Min., Super 8, OV

Kornél Szilágyi alias Igor Buharov, Germany 2020, 3 Min. Super 8

In August 2020, a group of more or less eccentric people and places came together under the motto "Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst und das ist…" (I spy with my little eye...). Six filmmakers - three of them LaborBerlin members - set out to explore the Badstraßenkiez in Wedding. Equipped with a Super 8 camera and a sound recorder, they portrayed people who live and work in the neighborhood. In the third edition of Out of Focus LaborBerlin, we will show these cinematic portraits as works-in-progress accompanied by a live soundtrack and performance. We invite you to reflect on the relationship between laboratory and film, collective and individual, protagonists and filmmakers in a city that has more than one center.


  1. deviating from an established or usual pattern or style
  2. [mathematics] located elsewhere than at the geometric center

Ilker Abay is a filmmaker, actor and the artistic project manager of AUCH - Nachbarschaft ist Kunst. Nora Molitor is a cultural studies scholar, both a workshop organizer  and workshop participant, and member of LaborBerlin e.V., Francois Régis is a composer and musician. As a child his only excuse not to play football with his friends was this: to play the piano.

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