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Workshop Leaders Alejandro Bachmann, André Siegers and Bernd Schoch

Abgeguckt #8: Change of Perspective

The focus of the workshop Abgeguckt is the exchange of and through images. Being a copycat (abgucken) means to peer unabashedly, all lopsided and wonderfully, at images, wholly unnoticed by those in authority. Copycat means to embrace a community that is constituted through this way of seeing. Abgeguckt #8 examines this notion of a change of perspective. Here, the aesthetic and the political merge into one. The participants are sent a (film) excerpt on this topic, to which they will respond with a clip. This marks the beginning of a collective chain of images and thoughts. 

More Event times:

  • 25.06.2021 (17:00) - 25.06.2021 (19:00)
  • 26.06.2021 (12:00) - 26.06.2021 (18:00)