September October

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Followed by a talk with Borjana Gaković and Želimir Žilnik

My Brother in a Foreign Land

Inventur - Metzstraße 11 / Inventory - Metzstraße 11
Želimir Žilnik, FRG 1975, 9 min.

Abschied / Farewell
Želimir Žilnik FRG 1975, 9 min.

Unter Denkmalschutz / Under Heritage Protection
Želimir Žilnik, FRG 1975, 11 min.

Bogdan Žižić, FRG / Yugoslavia, 1977, 17 min.

Specijalni vlakovi / Special Trains 
Krsto Papić, Yugoslavia 1972, 12 min.

Na Objedu / At Lunch
Vefik Hadžismajlović, Yugoslavia 1972, 9 min.

Halo München / Hello München
Krsto Papić, Yugoslavia 1967, 13 min.

Dernek / Party 
Zoran Tadić, Yugoslavia 1975, 12 min.

This short film program brings together documentary works from the early and mid-1970s made by Yugoslav directors associated with the Zagreb and Belgrade film clubs and the documentary film school in Sarajevo. From a range of perspectives, the films not only address the problematic selection and recruitment processes of so-called guest workers, but their everyday living conditions in Germany and the lives of their relatives who remained. The highlight of the program will be two films by Želimir Žilnik, long thought to have been lost, which were recently found in the archives of the Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany (DOMiD). Indeed, the very fact that the two films were not adequately preserved – in neither a German nor a Yugoslav national film archive – raises many questions regarding hegemonic film historiography and archiving, and their relationship to themes of migration in both countries. (BG)

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Borjana Gaković is a film and media scholar, media policy spokesperson for the Federal Association of Communal Film Work, editor of the quarterly film magazine Kinema Kommunal and a member of the selection and program committee of DOK Leipzig. She works as a lecturer in the field of film and cinema culture at various universities, as well as a freelance writer and curator of historical cinema programs, often with reference to feminisms in film history.

Želimir Žilnik (born in Niš in 1942; currently living and working in Novi Sad) has written and directed numerous feature and documentary films which have reaped many awards at domestic and international film festivals. Žilnik is renowned as an initiator of the “docudrama” genre.