November December


OV with German voiceover

Followed by a talk with Stefanie Schlüter


Ahmad and Nématzadé sit next to each other in class. They live in Iran, in two neighbouring mountain villages. A hill separates their villages, Koker and Pochté, and a footpath over the hill connects them. After class, Ahmad notices that he has taken Nématzadé's notebook. This wouldn't be so bad if the teacher hadn't already threatened Nématzadé with expulsion from school if he did his assignments on a piece of paper again instead of in his notebook! For Ahmad, one thing is clear: he has to save his friend! Although his mother forbids him to do so, he runs off to Pochté. Ahmad has never been to the other side of the hill, so he has to find his way through an intricate labyrinth of houses and small alleys: Where is my friend's house? 

After the film, all children are invited to take part in a creative activity. (StS)

Stefanie Schlüter (Berlin/Zurich) works as a freelance film educator for the Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst, among others. Here she is involved in the film series "Großes Kino, Kleines Kino". Her main areas of expertise include short form, experimental film, international film history and film archives.