Pinhole Power

OV with English subs

Under the Volcano – Fugues and Counter-montages

Short Film Programm, Mexico, ca. 75 min.

Curated by Javier Toscano

I have no house only a shadow. But whenever you are in need of a shadow, my shadow is yours.
Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry

This selection of short films and video works from Mexico ­stems out of a structure of collective reflections around the ideas of appropriation, political identity formations and the expanded common space on the digital field. The foundational idea behind the production of these pieces is the possibility of interconnecting interpretations and desires through different times and contexts, providing thus new readings of a shared reality. Along the production process —which has followed a common theoretical input with political implications— the authors of the pieces were confronted with the structure of their own cultural engagements. By recognizing their subjective agency, they propose visual fugues and other unconventional constructions to respond to their own cultural milieu, often traversed by different forms of violence, but also by inspiring motifs. 

Omar Casillas, 2010, 21 Min. 

Nothingness Hurts
Mariana Trejo, 2021, 8 Min. 

Jorge Pérez, 2021, 5 Min. 

Memory Game
Andrea J. Linares, 2021, 4 Min. 

Identity and self-representation. ID-objects
Javier Toscano, 2012, 7 Min.

Andrés Negrete, 2015, 3 Min.

Flight and Fall
Emil García, 2012, 4 Min.

Television Hero
Erika Loana, 2012, 2 Min.

Johnny Trujillo, 2011, 10 Min.

Narco Nation
Rodrigo Ramos, 2015, 10 Min.

Javier Toscano (born in Mexico City, lives and works in Berlin) is a visual artist, documentary filmmaker and interdisciplinary researcher in the fields of new media and political activism. His work has involved a continuous search to generate and collaborate with minorities, communities and groups with disabilities towards the production of alternative narratives of self-affirmation and vital exploration. He holds a PhD in philosophy and has been a post-doc researcher in media politics in Paris and Berlin.

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