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Followed by a talk with Róisín Tapponi

Cinécité + 75 فاطمة (Fatma 75)

Djouhra Abouda/Alain Bonnamy, France 1974, 15 min. 

فاطمة 75 (Fatma 75)
Selma Baccar, Tunisia 1976, 61 min.

Fatma 75 tells the story of Fatma, a young university student who embarks on a journey to highlight the role of women in the modern history of Tunisia. The protagonist encounters women across time and space, ranging from the ancient past to Tunisian liberation struggles. Baccar’s fascinating docu-fiction merges a narrative story with archival material, interview footage and reenactments of historical events. Cinécitébelongs to a series of 16mm experimental films by Algerian-French musician Djouhra Abouda and architect Alain Bonnamy. The film is grounded on a musical score, where sound dictates the rhythm of an assemblage of audiovisual material.

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Róisín Tapponi is an Assyrian Iraqi-Irish film curator, programmer, writer and academic based in London.  She is Founder of Habibi Collective, Founder CEO of Shasha Movies, Founder EIC of ART WORK Magazine and Co-Founder of Independent Iraqi Film Festival (IIFF). She has recently been awarded the ‘World-Leading PhD Art History Scholarship’ at St. Andrews University.