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Common Ground Presents: Portents of Climate Displacement

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Film screenings + performance by Luïza Luz

Artists and filmmakers are finding new ways to tell stories of ongoing climate disaster and displacement. In speculative and metaphorical ways, the three short films presented here connect legacies of colonialism with environmental breakdown and the extreme, not fully predictable ways it will force migration. These different artistic approaches reflect a climate reality that is at once abstract and hard to grasp, yet vehemently obvious. They offer perspectives that confront and warn us of how climate decline will continue disrupting livelihoods on Earth⁠—from elemental to human⁠—and how it inevitably intersects with racial and other forms of systemic injustice.

Thirza Cuthand, Canada 2018, 13 min.

4 Waters: Deep Implicancy 
Denise Ferreira da Silva/Arjuna Neuman, USA/UK 2019, 31 min.

Jorge Jácome, Portugal 2017, 23 min.

Thirza Cuthand, Canada 2018, 13 min.

Following the film program, Luïza Luz will present their live performance, ‘A Grounding Piece of Land.’

A Grounding Piece of Land – Luïza Luz
In this live performance, Luïza Luz presents authorial soundscapes, audio sampling collages, and lyrics they composed as a way of self-remembrance: of Planet Earth as an ever-changing living organism. A memory to be embodied by the collective experience. In times of climate and humanitarian collapse, this wisdom could be revealed as a grounding piece of land, in the middle of despair.

The program is part of Common Ground Presents, a series of events curated by Lisa Hoffmann and Adela Lovric, members of the initiative Common Ground at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Luïza Luz is a Bra𝓼ilian transdisciplinary artist addressing the binary nature-culture in language, identity, and institutions. Their poetics evolve from written and vocal words that become images, lectures, sound performances, installations, and collaborative (un)learning sites.