Stadtlabor-Forum Historisches Museum Frankfurt
Am Saalhof 1 Frankfurt am Main

Followed by a talk with Margarita Tsomou

60 Elephants + the time is now I + II

The second film program shows current films which question the feasibility of utopias. The now 96-year-old architect Yona Friedman explains, in 60 Elephants. Episodes of a Theory. Improvisation # 1 by Michael Klein and Sasha Pirker (2018), his theory of architecture, one based both on self-help and the importance of the seemingly casual and quotidian to the practice of an alternative urban coexistence. Heidrun Holzfeind's two-part film the time is now (2019) portrays the Japanese artist couple Toshio and Shizuko Orimo, known by the name of IRO, who combine musical experimentation, political activism and sustainable living in the most intimate manner. Holzfeind stages an IRO performance around the Inter-University Seminar House by architect Takamasa Yosizaka in Hachioji near Tokyo: it is an outstanding example of modernist civilization-critical architecture.

60 elephants. Episodes of a Theory. Improvisation # 1, Michael Klein, Sasha Pirker, AT / FR 2018, 22 Min.

the time is now I + II, Heidrun Holzfeind, AT / JP / SE 2019, 48 Min.

Margarita Tsomou is a sholar in cultural science in Berlin. She is curator of theory and discourse at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, professor for contemporary theater practice in Osnabrück and co-founder of Missy magazine.