Online Event

Director Aaron Yeger Canada 2011

99 min., OV

Followed by a talk with William Bila


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on the 27th of January, we show the documentary A PEOPLE UNCOUNTED. Filmed in 11 countries and featuring dozens of Roma – including Holocaust survivors, historians, activists, and musicians – A PEOPLE UNCOUNTED brings the Romani history to life through the rich interplay of poetry, music, and compelling firsthand accounts. As ethnic intolerance flares up across Europe, this documentary presents the story of the Roma as emblematic of the world’s legacy of racism and genocide.

William Bila is one of the film's protagonists. He has served as the Vice President for the Roma Community Centre in Toronto, on the boards of Roma Education Support Trust (UK), Roma Education Fund (CH, SK, RO), and as president of La Voix des Rroms (F). Bila was born and raised in the United States in a Slovak-Roma family. He speaks Slovak, French, Spanish, German, Czech and native English.