Screening, presentation and discussion

PLEASE REWIND: Turkish Video Tapes in Germany

When the first video recorders hit Germany in the early 1980s, the new technology was welcomed especially in the German-Turkish communities. While hardly any Turkish-language programs were available on television, it was now possible to watch Turkish movies on video cassettes. The video nights became important social events, bringing together family, neighbors and friends. Soon, numerous video production companies were founded in Germany, that imported movies from Turkey, recorded them on video cassettes and distributed them nationwide to retailers, video stores and Turkish supermarkets. The videos filled a market niche that specifically addressed the Turkish audience in Germany.

With Replaying Home, Can Sungu has created a video collage, which establishes a new narration based on selected excerpts from Turkish films shot in Germany in the 1970s and 80s. The film is a journey through a fictional universe based on stereotypes, culture shock, occidentalism, homesickness and the trauma of living abroad. Expanded by video snippets and lectures, the event provides insights into Turkish film and video culture in Germany and discusses the role that film culture ought to play in German cultural history and memory culture.