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University of the Arts (UdK)

Followed by a talk with Ayşenur Babuna

The Contemporary Artist as Reflexive Colonizer: Anthropological Preaching

For her first Central-European activist action in the heart of Berlin, Ayşenur Babuna invites all critical and reflective souls of the city to a phantasmagoric, ultra-Southeast European performative lecture-party. Together we will seek to address urgent questions such as “Is the anthropological gaze just the cover-up for cultural appropropriation?”, “Can we talk about Euro-Arabesque, after European Islam?”, “Can only Westerner artists be good colonialists and ethnographers?”, “Is the humanitarian perspective the only way the make sense of politics, art and culture?” and “Does the Global South know it is the Global South?”. Ayşenur is looking forward to discuss all these critical issues with her fantastic Berliner flock ❤

Ayşenur Babuna is a feminist entrepreneur and Islamic activist from Turkey working on different intercultural and interreligious projects under the umbrella of a strong internationally networked Sisterhood. Post-human female embodiments, marginal Islamic feminisms and ambiguous configurations of queerness, femininity and sexualism are contradicted, supplemented and subverted by culturalist totalitarian fantasies, Neo-Ottoman exceptionalism and romantic notions of resistance and autonomy. Ayşenur never repeats her site- and context-specific actions and is occasionally a fictional persona.,