Followed by a talk with Florian Wüst and Kathrin Peters

Die Brücke + Großbaustelle Hansaviertel + Die Stadt

The first part of the film series combines Großbaustelle Hansaviertel, a film about the construction of the Berlin neighborhood “Hansaviertel” in 1959 commissioned by the Senator for Construction and Housing, with Haro Senft’s Die Brücke (1957) and Herbert Vesely’s Die Stadt (1960). In 1957, Senft and Vesely, with “filmform – the third program”, wrote a first call for the establishment of an explicitly cultural film production within the West German film industry.  Later, they were among the signatories of the Oberhausen Manifesto of 1962. The propagation of an urban layout influenced by social and technical advances is accompanied in this program by the contradictory emotional states of the post-war period, symbolised by the juxtaposition of modern skyscrapers and brightly illuminated shop windows with orphaned urban waste and ruins. 

Die Brücke, Haro Senft, BRD 1957, 15 Min.

Großbaustelle Hansaviertel, Eberhard Riske, BRD 1959, 10 Min.

Die Stadt, Herbert Vesely, BRD 1960, 36 Min.

Florian Wüst is an independent film curator, artist, and publisher based in Berlin. He co-founded the Berlin Journals—On the History and Present State of the City. Since 2016 he works as film and video curator of transmediale.

Kathrin Peters is a professor of History and Theory of Visual Culture at the University of the Arts, Berlin.