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University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin

Followed by a talk with Aspasia Anogiati

The History of Politiki Lyra / Klasik Kemençe as an Example of Interculturality

In her lecture, Aspasia Anogiati will discuss the story of an instrument, the origins of which have been lost in the course of time. The story of the ‘Kemençe’ (in Turkey) or ‘Lyra’ (in Greece) is an example of how people inhabiting the same area, sharing similar landscape impressions, singing and dancing to the same melodies, have almost everything in common, no matter what their passports or their religions say, or which words they use in their language. There is a common language connecting people, and music is an important aspect of it.

Aspasia Anogiati is a trained actress, musicologist and musician. She graduated from the Drama School of The Athens Conservatory and later got a degree in Politiki Lyra from the Technical University of Epirus. She has taught theatre and music in different public schools and institutions, and is still an active musician in the field of traditional music of the East Mediterranean (lyre and singing).