After the recruitment agreement between Turkey and Germany, an outflow of the first generation of Turkish migrant workers started in late 1961. First considered as temporary guests, soon the West-German society faced the fact that they were "not only workers but people instead”. Behçet Algan is one of them. A popular figure among the Turkish migrants community, which helped the Turkish minority gain its own diasporic characteristic. After migrating to Germany in 1979 and working as a barber there, Behçet Algan ended up a federal parlamentarian from Hamburg-Altona. Being a pioneer in developing stronger bilateral relations through love, compassion and understanding, Behçet Algan played crucial role in the foundation of many political, cultural and sportive civil society organizations. Since then, he is called the Chief of Hamburg. Meet the good, old, compassionate “Chief of Hamburg”. 
bi'bak is partnering up with Turkey’s most popular ‘counter-media’ channel 140journos for the short-film series: FROM ALMANYA WITH LOVE. The series features six short documentaries focusing on a diverse range of stories of migration from Turkey to Germany and brings to light counter-narratives against dominant stereotypes by investigating a diverse selection of backgrounds and stories.
Join us for the online premiere of "Hamburg Muhtari/ Chief of Hamburg” with the attendance of the crew and the protagonists!