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OV with English subs

Short Film Programme: Deep South Young Filmmakers

Deep South Young Filmmakers helps children from southern Thailand express their voices and exchange their experiences with others. The film project was initiated by Pimpaka Towira in 2019. Over the course of ten months, Pimpaka and her team of mentors worked together with the young filmmakers to produce a variety of short films. Pimpaka Towira will present three of these films in Berlin.

Director: Ajmal Rerngsamut, Thailand 2019, 19 Min.

Director: Muhamasubay Deng, Thailand 2019, 20 Min.

Director: Nurdeen Kasor, Thailand 2019, 24 Min.

Supporting film: The Sea Recalls
Director: Aekaphong Saransate, Thailand 2018, 28 Min.

In The Sea Recalls the director remembers his uncle, who along with his wife was murdered in his own house. One year after the incident, Aekaphong came back to his hometown to explore the past and deal with the absence of loved ones.