Director Allegra Schneider, Selamet Prizreni, Dörthe Boxberg, Jean-Philipp Baeck, Bernd Mathis, Germany 2018

45 min., OV with English subs

Followed by a talk with Allegra Schneider


The so called “person obliged to leave the country” should leave the Federal Republic of Germany “AS VOLUNTARILY AS POSSIBLE”. But behind these bureaucratic terms often hide dramatic personal fates, which have nothing to do with voluntariness. Like the story of Zijush, who was 13 years old when he had to leave Germany. Grown up in Bremerhaven, he has to “return” with his parents and sister to the Macedonian capital Skopje. But instead of new perspectives, he encounters hatred and exclusion: Zijush is attacked because he is Rom.

The documentary follows Zijush to Skopje, accompanied by his school teacher. It reveals the absurdity of deportation in the case of children whose homeland is Germany. 

Allegra Schneider (tbc), freelance photojournalist, member of the Bremen Refugee Council