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Followed by a talk with Sheri Hagen and Enoka Ayemba

Riss + Auf den zweiten Blick

Biene Pilavci, Germany 2010, 9'

A couple on their way home get into an argument with a driver who tries to provoke them. They lose their cool and a rift opens up between them for a short while. Can they reconnect?

Auf den zweiten Blick
Sheri Hagen, Germany 2012, 95'

Six lonely people find each other in a wintry Berlin: a widower and a blind jazz musician, a piano tuner and an art dealer struggling with his sexuality, a patient and his therapist who’s going blind.

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Enoka Ayemba is a film curator and film critic focusing on African cinematographies, the Nigerian video industry and anti-colonial movements. He has been a consultant for the Berlinale Forum since 2019.