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Rhythm and Memory

On a night focused on percussion and deep listening, Laura Robles and Huguette Tolinga will be in exchange of rhythms and journeys embedded in musical memory. Placing experimental percussion inspired by traditional Congolese rhythms from the 60s and 70s in tandem with a flow of „Temporalidades pluri-rítmicas de las Américas“, this performative session is intended to stimulate questions of liberation, migration, earth remembrance and dissolution of boundaries in music.

Huguette Tolinga Lola is a self-taught percussionist. She began her career as a percussionist in the contemporary dance company Jacques Bana and the Group Quartier Latin. In 2010, under the impetus and guidance of the Tam - Tam Company, she created her own group Huguembo, specializing in percussion instruments, particularly the Tamtam, and singing. Her shows thrill and carry away the audience by the way she plays the Tamtams and manipulates instruments such as horn, xylophone, calabash, combining them with her singing, dance, guitar, drums and saxophone.

Laura Robles is an improviser, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and researcher born in Swaziland and raised in Lima, Peru. She will unfold what she calls „anti-groove” deriving from many years of analysis of Folk rhythms with a strong focus on Afro-Peruvian folklore. The “anti-groove ”creates new possibilities of expression in modern jazz and improvised music.

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