bi'bakaudio is a program of curated listening events that aims to find audiophile approaches to music, society and politics. From live radio shows to record listening sessions, mini-concerts, artist talks and soundscapes, bi'bakaudio invites the listener to hear the musical traces of a post migrant society. Together with musicians, sound artists, activists and musicologists, the listener will explore the sounds of transcultural life forms.

OUTERNATIONALE: Stars from Outer Space

In 2020, bi’bakaudio's OUTERNATIONALE project will be devoted to the concept of so-called Outernational Music, a counterposition to world music. While world music tends to exoticize or tame music produced outside of the Western world, Outernational Music sees the distinction between Western music and World Music as an extension of the colonial perspective. In contrast, the concept Outernational Music turns to sound productions that are received and celebrated in cross-border geographies far away from the Western music market. Outernational Music is neither mainstream nor underground; it is multilingual and influenced by diverse musical traditions and cultures. It even leaves behind concepts such as hybridity, which ultimately derive from dichotomous distinctions. The first series Stars from Outer Space presents selected international stars and their artistic creations and biographies in conversation with experts. Venturing beyond cultural or linguistic barriers, we begin a project of collective musicological research.

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