A filmproject telling about the life of the tiger in the foreign lands

By bi'bak, 2011, Publisher bi'bak, Cooperation partners Jugendkunstschule Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Language German

A young Tiger, who fled to Berlin from a distant country, is looking for a new home. Arriving at Mierendorffplatz, the difficulties of everyday life await him. Together with us he ran through the streets and met the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Some want to help him, some have similar experiences as the Tiger, others are afraid of him and just want to get rid of him. Has the Tiger managed to find its place and its happiness in his new home?
The life of the Tiger abroad and its adventures at Mierendorffplatz are described in our animated film.

This project documentation is part of the series Der Tiger kommt... initiated by Malve Lippmann and Can Sungu. A project of bi'bakwerk in cooperation with the Jugendkunstschule Charlottenburg. Funded by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

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