Manual of Miraculous Beeings

By bi'bak, 2014, Publisher bi'bak, Cooperation partners Marianne Wendt, Bode-Museum, Brüder-Grimm-Grundschule Wedding, Language German, Page count 84

Selected angel sculptures from the collection of the Bode Museum were drawn by children and then abstracted. With water-soluble paint and the help of stencils we sprayed these angels to different places in the Müllerstraße and catapulted the figures from the museum right into the reality of Berlin's district Wedding. The angels are taken from the high pedestals to be then brought to life on the streets, on trashcans, on electricity boxes, and subway grids . Here they can share a piece of their splendor with all who have eyes to see them.

In this manual, the angels who escaped into the urban space, return into the Bode Museum and are confronted there with the original exhibits of the collection they were derived from. The Manual of Miraculous Beeings is accompanied by an audio guide, which makes us listen not only into the experiences of the angels escaping into the urban space, but also the reactions and thoughts of passers-by and children.

The audio tour and manual are equally suitable for adults and children, as they play with the child's perspective on angels and combine them with poems, quotes and details about the exhibits. Manual and audioguide offer an alternative route for visitors who are especially interested in the angels of the Bode Museum.

The content was developed as part of a workshop in October 2013 in the Bode Museum and in Wedding with a group of children. This manual is part of the Audioguide-Trilogy Miraculous Beeings by Malve Lippmann, Can Sungu und Marianne Wendt.

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