bi'baxchange aims to showcase cross-border collaborations with cultural actors, project spaces and initiatives. Based on interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation projects, bi'baxchange seeks to exchange ideas, perspectives and know-how. In lecture performances, pop-up exhibitions, readings and presentations, bi'baxchange focuses on the decentralized, rhizomic connection between art, design, academics, participation, urban space and local activism.

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German-Turkish Film and Video Culture in Berlin

Concept by Can Sungu


Interactive two-channel video installation on the facade

frontend.im_anschluss_x. Sina Ataeian Dena

Common Visions Berlin

Common Visions Berlin is a free space dedicated to our friends and comrades. Through events such as film screenings, discussions and lectures, Sinema Transtopia is shared with organizations and initiatives whose work makes a similarly important contribution to the visibility of the transnational urban society in Berlin. It is only through cooperation and collaboration that we move forward. As a Turkish proverb says, “What can one hand do anyway? Only two hands make a sound.” It is precisely this sound that we tune our ears to through Common Visions Berlin – a space of solidarity and exchange that brings together, encourages and inspires.

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frontend.im_anschluss_x. Pisitakun

Live Music Performance by Pisitakun

As Thai history currently unfolds under martial law following the military coup d’état on 22 May 2014 – the thirteenth since the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932 – Pisitakun’s practice represents a decisive break from many of his Thai peers: he questions fundamental and increasingly universal values without merely decrying the fact of corruption or offering neat palliatives. Pisitakun's works are based on political speculation and the external and internal frustrations artists are subject to.

Pisitakun is from Bangkok, Thailand. He started making visual arts and music in 2014 and is interested in music in different media environments. He uses a variety of inspirations in his songs, such as historical events, synthetic sounds, and musical instruments. In 2016, the album "Black Country" began to be prepared. In this album, Pisitakun is talking about a country full of dialogues between dark voices. Currently he is an artist-in-residency in Portugal.

OV with English subs

Community-Screening “Major Feelings” - Vier Kurzfilme aus der Asiatisch-Deutschen Diaspora

As part of the short film workshop Minor Feelings, ten participants from the Asian-German community created four short films. The workshop was led by Monica Tedja (Soy Division Berlin) and Dieu Hao Do (BAFNET).

As a cinematic exercise in the perception and representation of one's own subjectivity, the workshop week allowed participants to explore their identities in order to make their stories visible through simple cinematic means.

The workshop aimed to impart both technical and methodological knowledge for the creation of a short film and at the same time to enable the practical implementation of one's own short film idea. In doing so, the exchange and networking of the participants with the workshop leader as well as with each other was an essential part of the program.

COMMUNITY EVENT: The screening is a community event for people who identify themselves as BPoC or people with experiences of racism/anti-Semitism and their friends.