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Super 8 + Bioentwickeln

¡Kino, Kaffee, Kompostol!

Saturday 15.01.2022 11-17:00
Sunday  16.01.2022 11-17:00 

Saturday 22.01.2022 11-17:00
Sunday  23.01.2022 11-17:00

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Super 8 is an extremely sexy material: It has unbeatable, deep blacks as well as nuanced grays and warm colors. It is mysteriously out of focus, natural-grained, not 100% plannable and comes, when the filmmaker extends her antennas properly, very close to the scenery, the happening, the story, the emotion.

 In a two-weekend workshop with Dagie Bundert you can now learn to develop your own Super8 film material - biodegradable with washing soda, vitamin C powder and something phenolic: coffee, tea, plant juice, vanilla, weed, red wine, coffee, tree bark, chili, red fruits, thyme, beer, flowers, potatoes, black tea, whiskey and much more!

As inspiration we use the gridded facade and the architecture of the Haus der Statistik as well as graphic structures of the cinema and the surrounding area.

Dagie Bundert studied visual arts and experimental film in Berlin and discovered her passion for (Super8) film in the late 80s. Since then she has taught herself everything she can and animated what she can. So she has now become a specialist concerning eco developed Super8 films!

Funded by the Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis