bi'bakwerk works with innovative site specific education concepts, which aim at an equal participation and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity. Our workshops are cross-generational and focus on issues arising from the immediate neighborhood.


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Workshop Leaders Akile Nazli Kaya and Tomáš Doruška

Animated Documentary Workshop

Application form will be published soon.

Anima-Doc Workshop is a 3-4 days workshop which focuses on how documentary and animation can be used and mixed creatively in film-making. TutorsTomáš Doruška andA. Nazli KayafromFAMU ( Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) will share their practice of stop motion and paper cut-out animation techniques in a hands-on way. Participants are encouraged to come with ideas that are based on social justice, and/or political, ecological, and environmental themes. Together we will discuss the ideas for the shorts and will choose the best 3 to be realized. A limited number of participants will be selected.

3 groups (each group with 3-4 people) - total of 12 people.

Funded by Programm NEUSTART des Bundesverband Soziokultur im Programmteil kulturelle und soziokulturelle Programmarbeit