Manual of earthly paradise landscapes

By bi'bak, 2014, Publisher bi'bak, Cooperation partners Marianne Wendt, Gemäldegalerie, LiSA e.V., Jugendkunstschule Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Language German, Page count 104

Paradises are places of longing. We know that we can only enter the Garden of Eden in the dream or in our imagination, perhaps even after death. At the same time "shopping paradises", "paradise islands" or restaurant names such as "Eden" appear in our daily lifes on a regular basis – without defining what kind of earthly paradise they offer to us.

The manual with audio guide leads the visitor through the Gemäldegalerie Berlin to six selected, historical representations of paradises and opens the discourse on current and past constructions of paradise. A group of young girls, museum visitors and bathers of the Tropical Island comment on the individual components of the conception of paradise. The holiday paradise serves as a canvas to reconcile past and present worlds of desire with selected motifs.

The content was developed as part of a workshop in October 2013 in the Gemäldegalerie Berlin and in the holidayresort Tropical Island with a group of girls. This manual is part of the Audioguide-Trilogy Miraculous Beeings by Malve Lippmann, Can Sungu und Marianne Wendt.

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