Deutsch-türkische Film- und Videokultur in Berlin

By bi'bak, 2020, Publishing company Archive Books, Publisher bi'bak, Language German, Page count 84, ISBN 978-3-948212-23-0

Along with labour migration from Turkey, Turkish film culture has over the years established itself in West Berlin. Starting with screenings of Turkish films in Berlin cinemas, the video cassette then conquered the market in the 1980s. With film nights also becoming important family events, the video rental industry was booming. In addition to imported films from Turkey, films were also produced in Germany which examined the experiences of migration and questions of identity. This publication is dedicated to the re-discovery of the German-Turkish film and video culture which continues to shape the post-migrant society to this day. 

Contributions by Can Sungu, Ömer Alkın

Interview partners: Özlem Ayaydınlı, Atilla Aydın, Çiçek Bacık, Yüksel Ergin, Cem Kaya, Ali Yıldırım

Edited by Maike Suhr

Funded by the Programmzeitgeschichtlicher und erinnerungskultureller Projekte by Berliner Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa.