Handbuch der seltsamen Geschöpfe

By bi'bak, 2013, Publisher bi'bak, Cooperation partners Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Language German, Page count 88

The interest in monsters is constantly growing. Through technical progress, we gain more and more spare time, in which we like to deal with unknown beings and worlds. The growth of industrial, agricultural and urban agglomerations increasingly destroys the natural milieu of the monsters. Recently, facts about the precarious situation of monsters are gaining public attention. At the same time, the efforts of the relevant institutions to protect the monsters, to actively shape their habitat and restore a reasonable balance of man and monster are intensifying. 

Monsters are an attractive part of our environment, even if they attract less attention than other mammals, and we need to spend more effort and more physical agility to observe them. They are amazing in appearance, in their variability in size and movement patterns and in the ability to communicate with sounds, but above all in the extent of their adaptability to a variety of living conditions.

The 40 color plates could not represent better the monsters lifelike in their artistic-graphic design, as well as in terms of their technical implementation by means of excellent color printing techniques. With the help of this manual, you will be able determined with certainty at any time all monsters at home or in your everyday environment. If possible, the German designations were included in order to facilitate the familiarization with the subject.

The content was developed as part of a workshop in October 2012 in the Naturkundemuseum Berlin with a group of children. This manual is part of the Audioguide-Trilogy Miraculous Beeings by Malve Lippmann, Can Sungu und Marianne Wendt.

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