The tiger goes vegetarian

By bi'bak, 2016, Publisher bi'bak, Language German

The Tiger has been in Berlin for quite a while, has had many positive integration experiences and almost passed the naturalization test. Walks in nature are now part of his everyday life and he is very happy to collect the wild garlic in the spring. But other than that, as a Carnivore he doesn’t know the vegetable world as well. He has always heard something about people who planted vegetables in bathtubs in parking garages, that in Berlin, besides wild garlic, there are still 100 varieties of herbs and that even somewhere in the city you can see plantains. And now that it is summer, it is time to do some exploring: he wants to get to know the Berlin vegetation world more closely. Why does Mr. Neighbour sow sorrel on the traffic island? What are the differences between rhubarb and banana? How does asparagus grow in the spring? And so the Tiger is coming to the garden.

With a group of children with and without refugee backgrounds, we visit different gardens and garden projects in Berlin and collect inspirations in our sketchbooks. Back in the project room the children create a Veggie-Memory game from the collected sketches, which can now be used as a language learning tool. In the newly developed garden behind bi’bak, we have designed, built, and planted our own garden with self-built raised beds.

This project documentation is part of the series Der Tiger kommt... initiated by Malve Lippmann and Can Sungu. A project of bi'bakwerk in cooperation with the Hort der Erika-Mann Grundschule and Kindererde e.V. Funded by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

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