A Brief Illustrated Glossary of Turkey's History Through Music

By bi'bak, 2018, Publisher bi'bak, Language Turkish and English, Page count 104

Songs are witness to an era. Turkey’s (music) history is a course that starts with marches, is shaped by Alaturka and Folk music and arrives today in popular songs. In the series YERLİ MÜZİK - The History of Turkey through Music, the music historian Murat Meriç presented in nine events at bi'bak the political history of the Turkish Republic from its foundation to today, based on various musical stations. The Brief Illustrated Glossary of Turkey's History through Music brings together the most important stations, events, characters and songs of this journey and complements them with the collages of Christine Gensheimer.

*In the context of music, the music industry under yerli müzik understands the production of music within Turkey for the Turkish-speaking audience.

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