Book Launch Event

Followed by a talk with Ibrahim Arslan, Jasper Kettner and Heike Kleffner

A Mobile Job Market for the Neighbourhood

Followed by a talk with Çağın Kaya and Uygar Demoğlu

Animations from the Mobile Language Lab

Followed by a talk with Julia Kapelle


Followed by a talk with Catriona Shaw and Malve Lippmann



Turkish for Hipsters (T4H) aims to facilitate a relaxed form of re-integration, teaching some Turkish culture and language to Berliners. The whole idea originally started off as a theme for a birthday party, and since has shaped its way into a fully fledged concept - while still maintaining the initial fun-factor. Özgür Ulucan, the brain behind T4H, was born in Istanbul, grew up in the Netherlands and currently lives in Berlin. With T4H, he represents a new form of cultural exchange that primarily works with irony and humour.

The T4H special at bi'bak presents surprising and stunning German-Turkish film snippets from the 70s and 80s, which the audience then re-syncs in perfect Turkish - of course with professional introduction and instruction for the beginners. Calling all film karaoke connoisseurs and film lovers! So get ready for the delayed culture shock, watch out for the side effects of  “German soda” and please try harder to re-integrate yourself! Don’t worry, some Rakı and meze will be provided.