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A Mobile Job Market for the Neighbourhood

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BOOK LAUNCH/ DISCUSSION: German-Turkish Film Culture in the context of Migration


For years, the German-Turkish cinema has been defined by the logic of identity politics. Yet, in the meantime, this has only empasised that this description raises more questions than it solves, by forcing the films to fulfill a set of predetermined patterns. And so it raises the question: if films present to us forms of coexistence, how can these forms become politically effective? What role does the audience play? And what does it mean, if the forms themselves have migrated - and not least from the genre Hollywood?

What then do the films about migration and societal coexistence in Germany tell us, when they don’t only present narratives of coexistence? How do these films make structural racism tangible? What can the films make visible? What remains obscure?

The researcher Ömer Alkın  (Media and Cultural Studies, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) will present include his anthology German-Turkish film culture in the context of migration about the genre of migration cinema in Germany.

Afterwards we will screen the short film Gräfin Sophia Hatun (1997) by Ayşe Polat, which approaches the topics of racism and migration in a complex manner.

The following discussion panel, moderated by Ömer Alkın, is dedicated to the question of how films can insert themselves into the political sphere. The talk is lead by the film scholars Dr. Hauke Lehmann and Nazlı Kilerci (Film Studies, Freie Universität Berlin) and the filmmaker Martina Priessner.

Reception with snacks and drinks

With the kind support from Freien Universität Berlin and Avicenna Studienwerks e.V.