Book Launch Event

Followed by a talk with Ibrahim Arslan, Jasper Kettner and Heike Kleffner

A Mobile Job Market for the Neighbourhood

Followed by a talk with Çağın Kaya and Uygar Demoğlu

Animations from the Mobile Language Lab

Followed by a talk with Julia Kapelle


Followed by a talk with Catriona Shaw and Malve Lippmann


Animations from the Mobile Language Lab

Followed by a talk with Julia Kapelle


bi’bak invites the Mobile Language Lab (Julia Kapelle) with the project TRICKMISCH.

The Mobile Language Lab is constantly on the move with its project TRICKMISCH: with trick tables, film-editing equipment, a mini-recording studio and a suitcase full of cut out silhouette figures, all sorts of stories have been cut and animated since 2014, together with refugee students from welcoming classes. The children and adolescents who are new in Germany and learn German invite us with their imaginative cartoon films into a surreal world of images. TRICKMISCH makes the process of learning German an active, joyful and self-directed experience. With each new film the picture dictionary is growing. On the website it is possible to create new animated films online.

The project TRICKMISCH was funded by the Berlin Projects Funds for Cultural Education.

Julia Kapelle studied film and photography at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She studied at the UdK on a postgraduate course at the Institute of Art in Context. In her artistic works, she works with media image production and processes of collective authorship. She works as an art mediator in the context of exhibition and education.