Book Launch Event

frontend.im_anschluss_x. Ibrahim Arslan, Jasper Kettner and Heike Kleffner



The Cultural and Historical Relations between Greece and Turkey

Curated by Pegah Keshmirshekan and Umut Azad Akkel


A Mobile Job Market for the Neighbourhood

frontend.im_anschluss_x. Çağın Kaya and Uygar Demoğlu

Animations from the Mobile Language Lab

frontend.im_anschluss_x. Julia Kapelle


frontend.im_anschluss_x. Caspar Pauli, Birgit Auf der Lauer and KABA HAT


frontend.im_anschluss_x. Catriona Shaw and Malve Lippmann


Launch Gathering

awhām Issue #3

Awhām is launching their new issue at Sinema Transtopia on 28th of October! 

awhām is a Berlin-based annual print magazine invested in culture, aiming to increase the visibility of artists and talents with migrant biographies. 
Issue #3 theme is “Artists’ Critique.” Art and culture have always been powerful tools mobilized by oppressive regimes to whitewash its crimes and to enforce their agendas. The commodification of art and the value created around it promotes self-censorship and adaptation for the sake of selling, being granted funding, or receiving prizes. In capitalist realism, is there a space left for artists’ critique? If yes, in what form? And how does it survive? 

Our 3rd issue features Anadol, Akdar, Aude Nasr, Deniz Örs, Firas Shahdeh, Iskandar Ahmad Abdalla, Lexi Sun, Janset Genel, Ozan Tekin,Rami Shalati, Shahd Abusalama, Thoom, Yehudit Yinhar,Yelta Köm, Zeynep Yesim Ozkanca

Music by
Ozan Tekin 

A reading by 
Iskandar Ahmad Abdalla

The new issue of awhām is now available to pre-order on and will be available for purchase at the event. 

A gentle reminder that it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose covering due to SARS-CoV-2-Infektionsschutz Verordnung.

Please bring a face mask, keep a safe distance and stay at home if you feel ill.